Delta Zeta


To me sororities are a great thing for a girl to join in college.  Actually Greek Life in general is great thing for any college student to be a part of.  Coming into my freshman year at Plymouth I knew I always wanted to try and become part of a sorority, but didn’t know how I would feel about it.  I came here not knowing there was even a Greek life on this campus but when two Delta Zeta sisters came to my dorm door to slide a flyer under it I knew I had to go and check out what they were all about.

Later that week I went to the recruitment event they were having and immediate fell in love with the sorority and the sisters.  They were all so comfortable with each other and seemed to get along so well I just knew I wanted to be apart of it.  So I continued to go to their recruitment events until I finally received my bid and the I’ve been stuck with them ever since.  Now being a senior I do realize that joining Delta Zeta is one of the best decisions I have made in my life.  Not only do I now have great friends that I am able to call my sisters, I also absolutely love what Delta Zeta stands for.  To me they represent a great form of unity in which you know there is always someone there, whether it is a sister in your own chapter or one from one of the other 130 chapters nationwide.

Along with always having someone there for you, Delta Zeta helps so many people.  They are a philanthropy based organization and do over 1 million hours of community service a year and donate more than $2.5 million a year.  I love my chapter and sorority as a whole and I am proud of what Greek life is and how many people they are able to help and help grow as a person.


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