To My Mind Growth

“To my mind growth”, this is another line that is in the Delta Zeta creed.  This line is one of the most important to the creed because it is talking about the academics of the sorority.  Academics is one of the main things that Delta Zeta as a whole prides itself on.  It is both in the sororities policy statements but it is also an obligation of membership.  This is because Delta Zeta feels that in college academics is the main thing that should be focused on for any of their members.  In order to become a Delta Zeta you need to have a GPA of at least a 2.7 and there are definitely girls who go above and beyond with that one.  The national Delta Zeta foundation also gives out numerous scholarships for girls that apply based on their academics.  Academics are a huge part of being a Delta Zeta.

Kappa Epsilon

My chapter here at Plymouth State definitely pride ourselves on our academics.  Every semester we have more girls than not on both the presidents and dean’s list.  For example for the Fall of 2013 semester the chapter had three sister with a GPA of 4.0 and 11 sisters on the Dean’s List.  And in that semester we had an overall chapter GPA of a 3.45.  Our GPA for that semester was the highest of all Delta Zeta chapters in our region which has 8 chapters.  Our GPA’s are definitely something that this chapter prides ourselves on and it is definitely something that I have always been proud of.  When my sisters help us put up these numbers in our academics it makes me more proud to be a Delta Zeta, especially one at Plymouth State.


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