Not Four Years For Life

There are many different reasons why people decide to join a sorority, whether it be wanting to help people with your philanthropy, wanting to be a leader of a group by running for a position, or thinking it’ll be something that will look good on your resume some day.  But the main reason most people decide to join a sorority is for the sisterhood that comes with it.  We set aside one of our recruitment events once a semester to talk to the new girls about why they’re interested in joining our sorority and what they believe they’ll get from being a part of Delta Zeta.  And along with that the active sisters also go around and share why they joined and what this sorority means to them.

Some girls and sisters start with them joining because they met one of the girls that were active and thought they were nice so when asked to join they came to an event and loved it.  Others say it is because of all the philanthropy we do, and some people just want to see what a sorority is like.  But there is always one common idea between actives and new girls and that is everyone is always looking for friends, and even more than that a sister, and that is exactly the reason why I decided to join Delta Zeta.  I came into college not really knowing what a sorority was or if Plymouth even had one.  I was always interested in the idea of a sorority so when some girls came to my dorm room with a flyer I knew I had to check Delta Zeta out.

When I got to the first recruitment event I automatically fell in love and knew I wanted to be one of them.  Of course I loved what they stood for with philanthropy and academics but I loved that sisterhood was so important to all of them.  If you ask any active sister why they are a part of this chapter it is because of the sisterhood.  We all know that we have 17 people to talk to whenever we need to, and we know we have 17 shoulders to cry on or 17 people to tell big news to.  And even farther than that, there are alumni and active sisters all over the United States that all believe in the same thing as you and want to be there for you.

I love knowing that I always have someone there for me, and knowing that I have met my absolute best friends for the rest of my life.  That is why we all believe in the saying ‘Not four years, for life’.



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