As a Delta Zeta you have tons of chances to become a leader in the sorority, whether it be local to your chapter as an active or as an alumna.  They offer lots of great ways to teach you how to lead and what to do when you are.  That is why there are many great leaders that come out of this sorority, because you are taught how to be.

Within the chapter as an active sister there are seven executive boards that you can try to be, which are President, Vice President of Membership, Vice President of New Member Education, Vice President of Programming, Treasurer, Secretary, and Philanthropy.  Since I’ve been in this chapter as a freshman I have been first secretary, then treasurer, and finally president.  Being these positions and seen as a leader in this sorority and having many different jobs to do has taught me a lot.  With Delta Zeta every year your region has region day which is a way to meet all the sisters in your region in addition they have leadership workshops where they tell you how to be a leader for your chapter and in your position.

After being a leader in your chapter when you’re an active, Delta Zeta offers a lot of leadership opportunities for the alumna.  Not only are there national positions such as President, Vice President of Administration, and Vice President of Finance, there are other things like a Regional Chapter Coordinator who is head of all the chapters in their region and is the chapters liaison’s to nationals. Then below them, every chapter has a College Chapter Coordinator, who is the main person that works with their respective chapters and there are workshops all the time for these positions so that they can be the best leaders.

I think that Delta Zeta offering these many leadership program is a great thing about them because it prepares you for life after college and how to be professional and a great leader in your own life.


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