Bigs and Littles


 The greatest bond that you will make in a sorority is that of the one with your big and little.  Hopefully they are both someone that you may already have a connection with, or that you can see yourself growing a great one with.  I know when I got both my big and my little it was probably two of the more exciting days being a Delta Zeta.  For us the way we get our bigs and littles is that we have a ‘reveal’.  In the past there’s been ones with your big jumping out of a giant box that’s decorated like a present, or having puzzle pieces that match the big to the little, or we’ve even done one of popping balloons and inside the balloon was the number of your big and you had to follow the ring to find them.  All of these are cute ideas that have come up in the past.

When I got my big, I was standing with my back to her and when I turned around she was in a shirt that said ‘I love my little Aryanna!’  I thought this was adorable and when I saw who my big was I became beyond excited.  And along with that we received a basket with a bunch of DZ goodies, like shirts, turtle accessories, a family tree of my whole line, and wooden decorated letters, it was a great day.  Then my junior year is when I decided to take a little and when I found out who mine was I couldn’t be more excited.  So I started on her basket and got her all the amazing things I received plus so much more.  And the way her reveal occurred was all the bigs wore one sock and stood behind a sheet which matched up to a sock that the little was given and they had to pick the matching sock.  Seeing all their faces excited with who they got was the best.

Being a big is such a huge relationship to appreciate because your big should be someone you look up to as a mentor or your little should be someone who looks up to you.  I definitely look up to my big and love the relationship that we have formed in the past three years, and hope that my little sees me the same and ii know that as of now we also have a great relationship that I hope can continue on even when I graduate.


My little and I


My big and I


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