Being a Member of Delta Zeta- Stage 1

There are many stages that you go through in your college life pertaining to Delta Zeta and Greek Life as a whole.  Your first stage starts at Potential New Member (PNM).  This is when you decide if you actually feel that you should be a part of Greek Life.  There’s a time at the beginning of each semester called the ‘Recruitment’ period.  Here at Plymouth, Delta Zeta’s recruitment period lasts usually about three weeks with six planned recruitment events.

This is your first exciting look into Greek life and the girls that could potentially some day be your sisters.  This period is very important for both active sisters and PNMs, because all of you are trying to make the best impression, actives because we want new sisters in our chapter so we need to make our best impression for them to be interested, and as PNMs because this is their first impression and may want to be apart of it.

This is a very exciting time for PNMs because they find out a lot about all the sororities and what to be excited about and what a sorority really is.  This is one of the most crucial stages of being a Delta Zeta because this is your decision period that could affect the rest of your college career.



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