Being a Member of Delta Zeta- Stage 2

As I mentioned in my last post there are four stages in being a Delta Zeta.  The first stage mentioned was the Potential New Member stage where you are going through recruitment and decide if you fit and belong or not.  The next stage is the New Member phase.

You become a new member when the chapter decides to give you a bid and you accept your bid.  Accepting a bid is agreeing to become a part of the sisterhood and everything that comes with it, like doing community service hours and having to pay dues.  As a new member you learn more about the chapter and about it’s members.  You also get to learn all the history nationally, such as who the founders were and when the sorority was founded and all those cool fun facts.

Along with that during the new member process you find out who your big sister is which becomes your greatest bond in the sorority.  And during our chapters new member process we have study hours and new member education each week.  Study hours are because we are based mainly on academics and we want our new and current members to bet he best they can be in their classes so we have those hours to help.  And at new member education that is where you get to learn all the history of Delta Zeta and are able to learn more about what certain positions do and how you can some day be a leader in the sorority.  Also study hours and new member education are a way for girls to get to know their new member class better because you’re spending so much time with them a week you get to know them better than you ever thought you would.

I loved this stage of being in Delta Zeta, because I was able to learn great history that I wasn’t aware of and more about the sisters because we got to spend so much time with them.  This was a great period in being a Delta Zeta, it definitely prepared me for my future in the chapter.


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