Being a Member of Delta Zeta- Stage 3

As mentioned in my previous two posts there are different stages in being part of Delta Zeta.  The third stage is the active initiate stage.  This is your undergraduate college career as a Delta Zeta.  When in this stage you are a full fledged sister who is officially initiated into the sorority and no longer a new member.

During your new member stage is when you get your big sister, but when you are an initiated sister you are able to take a little sister which will become one of your closest sisters throughout your college career.  Also when you are an active initiate you are able to go to meetings, and take a position in the sorority.  And the best thing about this stage is that you now know everything there is to know about Delta Zeta and what it is like to be in this sorority, and you become closer to all sisters, not just your big or the other members of your new member class because you are now spending all your time with all the sisters.

This stage of being a Delta Zeta I believe is very exciting because being a part of this sorority and with all these girls is a great experience to have during your college years.  Before your last stage which is the alumnae stage.


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