Being a Member of Delta Zeta – Stage 4

In my last few posts I’ve told you about the first three stages of being a Delta Zeta.  The first being Potential New Member phase when you’re trying to find your fit in what sorority to join, followed by the New Member phase when you accept your bid and decide to be in that sorority, then the active phase which is part of your college years.  The last stage in being a Delta Zeta is the alumnae stage.  Being a part of this stage means that you are seen to be in good standing in the sorority meaning that you made it through your active years upholding all of Delta Zetas values and everything dealing with your membership.

Being an alumnae doesn’t mean that you graduated so are now done with the sorority.  For some alumnae it is the complete opposite of that.  There are alumnae chapters all over the United States for people to be a part of, where they help out the chapter near them and be a part of that chapter.  Also with being an alum you still are included in the sorority, National Council makes sure to keep up to date lists of where alumnae have gone to and what they’re up to.  Also there are lots of positions with being an alumnae.  In the chapter sense, an alum can be on a chapters advisory board , which they are an advisor to particular positions to the active sisters to help answer questions.

Above the advisors is the Collegiate Chapter Director (CCD), which is like the chapters advisor through Nationals, and she is their main liaison with Nationals.  Above the CCD is a alumnae who is the Regional Collegiate Director (RCD) and she is the advisor for every chapter in the region and manages the CCD’s, then above her is other alumnae who have different jobs all the way to National Council. Which is made up of  the National President, National VP of Membership Development, National VP of Collegians, National VP of Alumnae, National VP of Administration, National VP of Finance, and Past President.

As you can see the four stages of being a Delta Zeta can all be very important and meaningful to a Delta Zeta sister, from the beginning of your journey until the end it is all worthwhile.

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