The Lemondrops


Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts, when joining you go through the recruitment process which is when you get your bid if they think you will be a good addition the their sorority.  After that process, you become a part of a New Member Class with everyone else who went through the same recruitment stage as you and who also received a bid.  I joined the Fall 2011 semester and in that semester I was one of seven girls who had received bids.  Your new member class is such an important part of your college sorority experience because in that first semester they’re who you are spending all of your time with.

In our particular chapter of Delta Zeta we are asked to as a new member class come up with a class name that fits you or that you like in some way.  My class named ourselves the Lemondrops.  To this day if you ask any of the seven of us why that was our name, we wouldn’t be able to answer that question.  We don’t know where it came from, or why we chose it, but it stuck and we’re the Lemondrops.

I felt I became close with my class throughout all four years of being part of this sorority, currently only three of us remain because of others choosing to leave for personal reasons or graduating, we are still a very close class.  I currently live with my other two Lemondrops and we have developed what I believe a lasting friendship because of going through the process together and being together through all four years here as Delta Zetas.


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