Sisterhood Events

Within the chapter we have a chapter chair position that is the sisterhood chair.  What this person does is plans sisterhood events for sisters to attend throughout the semester that includes bonding activities or just plain old hang outs.  This semester we’ve had two sisterhood events.  One was just a movie hang out night where we went to the Delta Zeta student apartments and watched a movie all together.  As you may guess since it is a room filled with 20 girls, there’s really not much movie being watched, it’s just everyone talking about all different things and chatting about who knows what.

Another sisterhood event we had this semester was another movie night, but at this movie night we decided to do crafts, where we made candles out of mason jars.  The sisterhood chair offered mason jars, paints, tea lights, and leaves to decorate the mason jars.  Every sister was able to make a mason jar and take one home.  And along with that we had apple crisp, pumpkin cookies, and watched the movie Hansel and Gretel.  Surprisingly at this event though sisters were very interested in the movie and there was no talking for once!

There is going to be one more sisterhood event coming up this weekend and it is Friendsgiving.  This will be a great night where sisters will all bring some type of side dish or dessert for all of us to have a Thanksgiving meal with.  We are all actually really excited for this event because we do enjoy having sisterhood events with one another and spending that time together.

Sisterhood Events are a wonderful thing for my sisters to attend because we all get to know each other better at them and we get to spend that extra time with one another that we don’t get to have very often.

Sisters at a sisterhood event last year, after making a craft together.

Sisters at a sisterhood event last year, after making a craft together.


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