This Sunday begins my chapters slating process, what is slating you may ask.  Slating is the process which the sorority goes through to choose the new 7 executive board positions.  These positions are President, VP of Membership, VP of New Member Education, VP of Programming, Treasurer, Secretary, and finally Philanthropy Chairman.  How this process works is there is a slating committee, comprised of two seniors in good standing (one being the head), one good standing junior, one sophomore in good standing, and finally one freshman who is in good standing, along with our CCD to look over everything that is happening.  These positions are voted on by the whole chapter for who they believe should be choosing the future leaders.  This year I actually have been voted in by the chapter to be the head of the slating committee.  This is a huge honor because they believe I have what it takes to help decide the future of this chapter.  I had been on slating once previously my sophomore year and it is definitely a lot of responsibility to deal with, it is a pretty big deal to decide the future leaders.

The slating process works as each girl interested in running for an executive board position sends the head of slating an application that includes why they’re interested in the position, their strengths and weaknesses pertaining to the position, and how they would like to improve the position.  The slating committee reads over all of those then has interviews with each candidate about their applications and slating gets to ask questions pertaining to the position to see how the person will be at it.  Then the slating committee goes over everything that was said and decides a nomination for each position, then let’s the chapter know and it finally comes down to a 2/3 vote in the chapter if that person is the position.  Slating also has the option of slating someone in if there’s a position that hasn’t been run for, or if they feel none of the candidates are a good fit.  Then that person gets asked and can accept or deny their nomination.

I have run for positions three times so I know that the interview process can be very stressful, but I definitely have faith for these girls and whatever questions we can send their way.


Spring and Fall 2014 Executive Board as decided by last years slating committee.


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