Senior Week

Being a senior can be hard for anyone in college, you’ll be graduating in a year, going into the real world, going back home, or even never being a part of a sport that you’ve always been a part of.  The hardest part about being a senior for me is that not only am I graduating from Plymouth I will be graduating from being an active member of Delta Zeta.  I will become an alumna of PSU and Delta Zeta as soon as I cross that stage.  This is quite heart breaking for me, though as an alumna you can still be such a great an active part of the sorority it will not be the same.  Now I get to see all of my sisters whenever I want and am able to attend meetings, along with recruitment events to try and get new girls and I am here to help make decisions that benefit the chapter in really great ways.  And once I graduate I will no longer be able to do any of this.  What else makes it worse is that I live in Rhode Island and am the only one so I will be at a large distance from all my sisters which will be hard.

But my chapter does a great thing to celebrate seniors which is having a senior week.  During senior week there is a ceremony to celebrate the seniors that will be graduating and they get a goodbye gift from the chapter that usually is a yearbook type thing where all the sisters write in it.  After the ceremony we are told to write a wish on a balloon and let the balloon go so that all of our wishes come true.  The week also includes two days of spending time with sisters, where seniors make wills for each younger girl where they leave something behind, and the seniors littles make them a paddle and write them a story about their life after college.

I am both looking forward to senior week and not for the fact that I don’t want it to end, but on the other hand I can’t wait to celebrate with my little and other sisters.

Some of the current 2014-2015 Seniors

Some of the current 2014-2015 Seniors


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